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Jun. 20th, 2012 @ 01:01 pm
What are the cheapest meals I can make for a week? I want lean with veggies, I'm trying to start back eating healthy but need food ideas. Everything lately had been fatty or fried, high in sodium, etc. And I just want some new ideas and was going to grocery shop after work but am clueless.

newbie :) Jun. 8th, 2012 @ 07:53 pm
I am new to lj and would like to write with somebody to motivate each other. :) I try to lose weight through healthy eating and doing more sport than now (okay, everything is really more than now ;) ) Right now I weigh 251 lbs. I lost 5 lbs this year. I know it is not the fastes, but it is really hard for me, because I suffered years from extreme binges, which were followed by not eating at all and right now I am happy that I have less binges and don't stop eating at all :)
I want to be more sporty and try to go to the gym three times a week. But it will probably really stressful to fit it into the week, because I am studying and have a job as personal assistent for a handycaped woman.

I would like to write pms and read each other blogs. Just leave a comment.

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Just a Newbie :P Mar. 29th, 2012 @ 08:09 pm
Hi Hi!
The name's Elizabeth but I go by Elly. I'm a nineteen year old college kid (I turn twenty in July) (:
Anyways, I'm new to this community and thought it'd be good to try and be supportive to others and maybe get some myself. I'm 5'5 at 175 pounds but I'd like to lose about 20-30 pounds by December.I'm going on a cruise with my family. I was once 200 pounds but after a bad breakup with my ex, I decided to change my life. I lost about 25 pounds last year. I'm also graduating from college in May with an associate degree. I'm so excited for my next chapter (:

Also, starting tomorrow I'm posting my diary entries of food and exercise for each day until I reach my goal on my livejournal.

It's nice to meet you all (:
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about me Feb. 3rd, 2012 @ 04:40 am
Things I hate about myself. My flappy fat belly and how it moves every time I move.
my flappy hands and how the look look like a normal persons legs.
my legs and how huge and horrible the look. I hate how I can't wear shots or skirts because it looks like I'm abusing my legs, fat as they might be.
I hate how whenever I look in the mirror, the person I see is not my, its never me, won't ever be me. how can I change that girl.
on a level I know that girl in the mirror, but sometime I think I dont. I know she's lonely, oh so lonely, but to the rest of the world she portrays not and happiness. she loves, she's capable of loving, at least she believes she is able to loving.
She has feeling, deep emotions, but she hide them in them behind the shell of her fatness. She hides behind food, junk food. chocolate, icecream, crisps biscuits, the all make her feel better for about two minutes after she ears them. then she feels dissapointment in her self, how could I do this? How could she let her self down. the more she is disappointed, the more she she wants to eat. its a circle, it goes in and on and on. it can't be broken. she doesn't know how ti break the circle. but she knows she is not trapped, she knows she has to break the circle, its killing her, but she doesnt know, she's trying but the circle can be overwhelming.
she is just a lonely sad girl, she needs to ne lived but she doesn't know how to handle kove when she gets it. She's her only hope out of thus, she knows it, nobody can walk the path for get, she can do, all she needs us a little faith and a luttle hope, she is not lost, she is confused, she will find her way, not today, not tomorrow, but she will find her way. K
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weight loss, Jan. 22nd, 2012 @ 07:18 pm
My diet plan is not going very well, im stressed from exams and i keep eating junk food, the thing is,every time i eat junk food, i feel even more stressed out and sad.

im going to join weight watchers, but every time i get the nerve to sign up, i feel scared. i guess i will look for someone to join with me, hope that works.

Jan. 6th, 2012 @ 10:31 pm
hello, im kayleigh. i am new to lj and obviously this community. i am starting my weight loss journey as i like to call it and like the idea of being able to have companions. my husband is supportive but is incredibly thin and while i love the support it isnt the same has having people who are going through it too.
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Howdy! Jan. 5th, 2012 @ 10:49 pm
Hello! I'm Ixxi, and I'm new in town, metaphorically...just got here after deciding that it's about time I got back to a healthier way of life.

My dear boyfriend, who is a naturally thin guy with a magical metabolism, has THE worst diet ever and I've allowed his eating to influence mine over the last year and a bit that we've lived together. Sadly, in that time, I've also had major spinal surgery and was out of exercising action for about six months... and consequently gained ten or so of the kilos I worked so hard to lose in 2009. I lost a total of 26kg then and before that, in 2004, I shed 38kg, all with healthy eating and regular exercise! I was once 139kg... and from 101kg I got down to 85kg... now I think I'm back up around 98kg and quite distraught about it... D:

I'm an utter carboholic, which is terrible, since my metabolism turns it straight into fat... So, at the moment, I'm returning to my 90% vegetarian ways, eating paleo-style foods and practising fasting... exercise discipline to follow.

I'm four days in - I didn't start on Jan 1 because my brother was visiting and I didn't want to miss out on the social eating aspect, which is a recurrent theme for me, really!

Oh, and I won't be weighing myself often... mainly because I don't have any scales!

So far, so food... er, good, though!!

I'm here for support and to be supportive!

are men attracted to obese women? Jan. 3rd, 2012 @ 12:20 am
I am desparete for a boyfriend but I am obese and feel men won't be attracted,
Are men attracted to really really fat girls?
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Atkins Dec. 8th, 2011 @ 01:16 pm
Hey everyone! 
      My name is Monique, and I am currently living in Central Point Oregon. I'm turning 26 on Christmas, but I'm only a senior in college. I'm five foot three and weigh 200 pounds! I can't even express how embarrassing it is for me to weigh more than my six foot tall boyfriend...
      I lost my mom two years ago, which led to overeating and gaining a shit ton of weight. We were really close, and I used food to fill the void she left. But my mom loved me, and it is the memory of her love that I want to fill myself with. Food is awesome, but I don't feel awesome after gorging myself with it.
       After a bunch of research, I've decided that my best option is to plough through Atkins until I get to my goal weight  (150 pounds). Once I get to my goal weight, I will transition over to South Beach for life. I am beginning my diet today:)
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Hello :) Nov. 15th, 2011 @ 12:51 pm
Hi *waves*

I joined this comm a few months ago and then my life had more than a few speed bumps! Ready to meet new friends and get healthy together!

My name is K

I'm 37 and currently weigh 283 pounds. My family has cut refined sugar, gluten, and processed foods from our meals. I'm currently going to the local gym twice a day for cardio -- I'll be adding in a weight training circuit 2 days a week starting the week of November 28.

My ultimate goal is to lose 150 pounds. The short term goal I'm working on at the moment is to be under 275. My workouts come from the advice of my mother's personal trainer. He's done wonders with her and I may start training with him online.

My journal is friends locked, so please PM me and let me know you're from body_buddies and I'll add you!

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Introduction Sep. 8th, 2011 @ 10:20 pm
I am Lea, I am a woman in my late 20's and have at least 40lbs to loose, but hope to loose more, I am using live journal to track and blog my progress.  So far I have lost 9lbs in the past 4 weeks.

Please "friend" me and I shall do the same for you.

New Here & Looking For Buddies!! Jul. 18th, 2011 @ 05:57 pm
Hi All! My name is Breanne. I just re-started (is that even a word??) my weight loss journey. I am 28. I have one child, but she isn't biologically mine. Although, that doesn't matter to me (or her), she's mine as far as we are concerned. Anyway, I started about a yr & a half ago on Weight Watchers. I lost 35 lbs, then times got tough & I ended up here, 15 lbs lighter than when I joined back then. I started just about a week ago. I have begun Weight Watchers again. 

My starting weight was 264.9 lbs
CW is 262 lbs
Heaviest Weight 280.8 lbs
Goal weight 150ish lbs give or take a few
I am 5'9"
I am working on getting all my measurements, pics, & such up on my journal. Hopefully within the next few days!

I am in desperate need of encouragement & support. I would prefer someone on Weight Watchers & around my current weight, but I'll take any support that I can get!! 

My journal is friends only so just leave me a comment here  so I can add you back!  

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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day erm , hang on, i'll go count and get it right tomorrow. Jun. 22nd, 2011 @ 08:35 am
weight 11st 12lbs (166lbs)

Today i had to get up at 5.30am to take my parents to the airport. So i forgot to weight myself first thing in the morning, so i did it at 8am instead. Not really the same i know as i'd had a couple of cups of tea and been walking around for a while, i'm not sure how much of a difference it makes.
I'm off to the doctors next, not looking forwards to this, i've been dreading it for a while now. I'm not really sure what's going on. It's all head stuff not body stuff though, so shouldn't effect my weight.
I'd hope to do a load of exercise when i get back. Yesterday i managed to all of the toning exercises, but not the cardio ones.
Today i hope to do both.
Now my parents are away, i hope that i can manage to walk home after work and then also do the bike when i get home.
We shall se how it goes...

day 8?? truth be told I don't know Jun. 21st, 2011 @ 01:30 pm

weight 11st 12lbs (166lbs)

no motivation
oh dear

day...... something Jun. 20th, 2011 @ 11:13 pm

weight 11st 12lbs (166lbs)

post, will do a longer one tomorrow, basically London was fun, but it appears it's made no difference weight wise dispute having too much fun to eat junk food, all good food and all the walking and cycling I did. today I had a bad lunch, and it was raining again so I didn't walk, but tomorrow is my day off, so longer post, and loads of exercise I hope!!
hope you're all doing well and sticking to the diets.

day ....... er ....... 6??? Jun. 19th, 2011 @ 09:16 am

today's weight: 11st 12lbs (166lbs)

firstly, thank you all for commenting, I had a rush of emails while I was at work yesterday. so thank you for all the advice.

secondly, not really a secondly come to think of it, more of an... and so.

and so, today I'm off to London, to see my friend. our plan is to go pretend to be tourists, always fun and visit London aquarium, then play with the Boris bikes and cycle to Covent garden for lunch. and shopping.
hopefully this will could as my days exercise. but lots of walking planned.
yesterday. again I failed to walk home. I'm quite annoyed.

OH!! and today is the day of measurements. last time I did them was 1 month ago.
today most it was an 8th or two off some areas, but my waist, at it's smallest is an inch smaller and by thighs are 2 inches smaller!!! i guess those lunges are paying off, even though they hurt like no other.
but I guess at least I'm loosing a bit right??? prefer it to be more, and to be lighter. bit in time. must keep going, must stay motivated!! go go go, and so on : )

day 5 Jun. 18th, 2011 @ 08:28 am

weight today: 11st 13lbs (167lbs) - wtf?!?!??

so pub last night, I had two cups of tea, and a glass of water, designated driver and all. but this morning I'm 2lbs heavier?!? if this is purely because I didn't do my walk, then I really need to find something else I can on the days I work that makes up for it when I can't walk home due to rain! I mean it rains a whole lot round here!!
well fingers crossed the rest of the day goes better.
hope everyone else here is doing well.

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day 4 cont. Jun. 17th, 2011 @ 06:31 pm

yet again I'm not talking home from work, since it's pissing it down. I feel like a mega fatty and that I'm failing myself so badly. I'm also off out tonight to say hi to a friend who has just come back from holiday, so I know I'll have to get dinner from there. my scales say the same but I'm sure last week my jeans felt looser on my thighs.
i don't know what's going on. I need to do so much more exercise. what I'm doing now, just isn't working!! I'm staying the same weight!!

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days 3 and 4, Jun. 17th, 2011 @ 08:33 am

yesterday's weight: 11st 12lbs (166lbs)
today's weight: 11st 11lbs (165lbs)

yeah, I'm not sure how I gained and lost a pound over night I guess it's natural.
yesterday I did a bit on the bike, but not in the morning as I had wanted to do.
I'm also really scared I'm going to get bingo wings.
I actually like finishing my walk home, or doing the hour on the bike, I feel great after, so why an earth do I not have the motivation to get on it and get started in the first place??
ive been doing this diet now for nearly 3 months, and all I have to show for it is that I've lost 6lbs. for 3 months of diet and exercise, it's nothing, not even at half a stone yet!
this Sunday I re-do the measurements I took a month ago, to see if that's where the diet is working, but I'm really hating this, I want to see a difference in my weight! ideally I'd like to get down to 10st (140lbs)
it's now starting to feel like that's a wish that's too far away.
next month I have to be in public in pjs, the month after I go on holiday, and of course I'd like to be able to west shorts in the summer weather. I'd really like to shift ay least 15lbs before summer really starts.

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day 3: yeah, it appears I fail, I'm not doing to well am I? Jun. 15th, 2011 @ 08:59 pm

weight today 11st 11lbs (165lbs)

foodwise, I caved again today, ended up have a custard filled bun with lunch. and when I went to do my walk home, it was pouring it down, I got soaked on the 5 min walk from work to the station. so all in all today, I ate badly and did no exercise. so tomorrow I need to do minimum 90 mins cardio if not more!! ideally as soon after I wake up as I can!! I tend to put it off for hours instead. but no. tomorrow. wake up, weigh self get dressed cup of tea, breakfast then once food has settled, exercise!!! no more than 2 hours after I wake up. sound like a plan. then later on the sit ups, lunges, etc etc. and good food only!!
I need motivation though!!
hope everyone else is doing well and sticking to their goals.

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