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body_buddies's Journal

Hookup with a Weight Loss Buddy!
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(darkwine is my own personal weight loss journal where I post photos of progress, my food intake and daily activities - pls comment in this community if you'd like to support/add me! :)

This journal is a support center for people who are trying to lose weight.

How it works:
When you join, you'll be expected to post a li'l something about yourself - basics like your name, and how much weight you're trying to lose, and what you've been doing (or not doing :) to achieve your goal weight.
You are encouraged to post daily - protected (friends-only, community posts) are fine.

This is not a community where one posts and no one reads!
Pls comment on member posts when you have something supportive to say. Even a nod or a smile to indicate you've read the post goes a loooong way! This is one community where your posts are guaranteed comments!